Keanan Roodt

The Salice helmet is also such a comfortable fit and it’s super light. I also love the safety feature on the back of the helmet which is a red light that makes it easy for traffic to see you when riding.

The helmet also goes nasty with a set of Salice Eyewear that finishes off the look perfectly. All and all a top quality brand.

Jaco Van Dyk

Salice helmets are definitely one of the best brands on the market, they are extremely light and very comfortable. The helmet even comes with a very uniquely placed LED light at the back which provides an extra factor of safety for early morning or late afternoon rides.

Nick James

I have been using Salice for a few years now. They have extensive range of glasses and helmets. This year we are using their 023RWX Model and Vento Helmets. the glasses are very good they have two lenses, that accommodate for all times of the day. The helmet is comfortable, safe and most importantly aero, no compromising