011RWX Photochromic Clear/Mirror Activation



Size: Unisex

  • LightFlexible Frame suitable for Slimmer Facial Features.
  • Interchangeable Twin-lens with large surface area to cut wind impact.
  • Robust Frame with Rubber on all contact points
  • Integrated frontal air ventilation
  • The latest RWX state-of-the-art photochromatic technology with its high-tech and fashion features provides the right level of protection when needed as it adapts instantly to the light environment.
  • From bright sun to sunset, the lens protects your eyes from 100% of the UV rays.
  • RWX  lens – includes FAST KINETICS such as ACTIVATION and FADING speed with a mirror coating contributes to protect from GLARE and reduce EYE FATIGUE.
  • This  MIRROR COATING also  prevents SCRATCHES, SMUDGES, FINGERPRINTS, DUST and WATER on the external surface of the lens  whilst ensuring there is no discomfort from fog or rain.
  • Supplied with spare orange vented polycarbonate lens
  • Thermoformed protective case and a cleaning cloth



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Additional information

Frame Colour

011 RWX Black-Italian, 011 RWX White-Italian, 011 RWX Black, 011 RWX White-Blue, 011 RWX White-Red, 011 RWX Fuchsia, 011 RWX Orange, 011 RWX Red, 011 RWX Yellow, 011 RWX Green, 011 RWX Turquoise