Sports Sunglasses – 004RW Mirror Lens


Elevate your eyewear game with the Salice Vedi-Italiano 004RW Mirror Sunglasses, the epitome of Italian craftsmanship and style. Designed to turn heads and set trends, these sunglasses are the perfect blend of fashion and function.

Crafted with precision in Italy, these sunglasses boast a sleek and sophisticated design that exudes elegance and charm. The mirrored lenses not only add a touch of mystery but also provide superior glare reduction, ensuring crystal-clear vision even in the brightest of conditions.

Featuring a lightweight yet durable frame, the Salice Vedi-Italiano 004RW Mirror Sunglasses offer all-day comfort without compromising on style. Whether you’re lounging by the pool, exploring the city streets, or soaking up the sun on the beach, these sunglasses are your perfect companion.

But that’s not all! With 100% UV protection, these sunglasses shield your eyes from harmful rays, keeping them safe and healthy while you enjoy the great outdoors. Plus, with their timeless design, they effortlessly complement any outfit, making them a versatile accessory for any occasion.

So why wait? Step into the world of luxury eyewear with the Salice Vedi-Italiano 004RW Mirror Sunglasses and experience the perfect fusion of style, quality, and performance. Make a statement wherever you go and see the world through Italian craftsmanship at its finest.

Order yours today and let your eyes do the talking!


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004RW Black-Black, 004RW Black-Red, 004RW Fuchsia Pink-Blue, 004RW White-Red, 004ITA White-Green, 004ITA Black-Blue, 004RW White-Blue


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