Sheldon Muller, 21.

I’ve used Salice for the past 4 years, the quality is world class, they look great and fit comfortably. When I ride I have a natural, safe and secure feel with Salice.

Kieran Correia, 23

I really like that the Salice Vento helmet is small and compact and not big and bulky like some other brands. It’s also aero but with enough ventilation to keep you cool and comfortable.

The Salice 022 sunglasses are also really nice. They’re light so sit comfortably even on long rides. The lense is also interchangeable and comes with the awesome RWX Photochromic Clear/Mirror lense which changes from clear to mirrored which is great for those rides that start earlier when it’s dark but end later when it’s light.

Barry Crouch 29

Vento Helmet

The quality and fit of the Vento is second to none. Despite there being ‘more’ helmet. The Vento actually feels much lighter, I’m also a fan of the overall look. There is also a useful LED light bulb built into the adjustment dial at the rear end, which comes in very handy in peak time traffic hours.

022 Sunglasses

I don’t need to worry about the weight of the frame, which is lightweight, flexible and stylish. I like the extra clear lense which comes together with the stylish fade mirror lense, as it makes riding in all weather possible. They are also extra wide which gives me peripheral vision while directing wind around the edge of my eyes!

Ruan England 26

Salice products is comfortable and easy to use. The Sunglasses brings enough air through to ease the heat and the clear lenses which change according to the conditions is a standout feature!

The helmet is comfortable and i can ride for hours without getting uncomfortable! Excellent products and will refer them to any cyclist!

Eric Kros 20

The Helmet is comfy, aero and good looking without or without the conveniently matching sunglasses.